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About Us

1. Who we are.

We are a music label that specializes in Film and Non-Film content. We understand the local tastes and therefore this is our core strength. Our specific focus lies in taking the music that is made by quality artists and composers, and distributing it to the world. We create the necessary marketing and promotion support for the music to be heard and noticed. We create opportunities for the content to take a global platform. We allow the performers and the music to speak for itself. The Film industry in India has always been associated with music unlike the other countries in the world. The music business in India is fueled only by the film industry and hence they are closely related. With Academy award winning music directors like A. R. Rahman and the likes of Maestro Illayaraja, there is no dearth of latent in the Tamil Film Industry. These music director and new upcoming ones, specialize in taking the situational elements and brief of film directors to create music content and hence are inspired by the movies and the stories they have to say. We, Think Music pride ourselves as being able to take the vision of the music director and the film director and bring it to the masses and fans.

By using innovative platforms for distribution and promotion, we can enable your content to reach further than your imagination. We also innovate on marketing ideas so that relevant and constant ideation can increase awareness to your music. Recently we have included mobile and internet platforms in our retail platforms and we can assure you that this will be the future of music. The Future requires forward planning and strategic understanding of market trends in music and consumer consumption of music. India is one of the largest mobile markets in the world and the number of people who currently use the limited 2G and 3G platforms is staggering. India is not technology shy, we embrace new media and new ideas. By working with our team, we can assure you the best reach in technology and connections with your target customer.

2. Catalogue

We partner with the best in the industry from Music Directors, Film Directors, Producers, Singers and many more of the music value chain to produce the best results for the customer. Some of the biggest hits of 2011 and 2013 belong to Think Music. Since we are constantly in touch with our marketing channels, we are able to effectively push out playouts and increase the awareness among the customer. We have been responsible for launching and promoting many young music directors in the film industry, we have always prided ourselves in identifying talent and good music. Our catalogue content is therefore a collection of content that is made by these talented people and provides value over the years. We will also be venturing in new non-film content by the end of 2010. We are partnering with devotional content creators, new age experimental music, covers and remakes and pop/rock content locally. Think Music has mentored many upcoming artists unofficially in the past and this year we will be able to provide more value for them.

3. How we do it

Think Music creates a series of sub-events that are optional or can be taken all-together. These sub-events are:- Content Creation - Partner with talented artists to produce content

-Production and Mastering - Assist artists to create and record the content

-Designing and Photo Shoots - CD and Point of Purchase material in Physical and Digital Formats

-Packaging - Package content in relevant formats for different selling platforms

-Distribution - Allow the content to reach it target markets both in physical and digital formats

- Marketing - Push radio play, mobile usage and other means to promote the content where relevant

- Promotion - Create avenues to partner and promote content

- Launch - In the case of film and non-film, to have an official audio launch of the content

4.Work With Us/ Bank on us

Your success largely depends on the partners you choose. Before you decide to work with any partner, here is a checklist that you can use to compare our competency with others in the market.-Benefits - We provide a value chain and sub-events that allow you to plug and play wherever you need us

-Sucess measurement - We dig for data and create reliable reports based on information systems that allows us to understand what would work before launch and after launch, how the content performed

-Distribution - We have tied up with the best mobile partners, online partners for digital distribution, ensuring your content reaches every corner of the globe. Our physical sales also currently distributes to locations all over India and target markets around the world.

-Quality - We create the best possible quality of CDs based on Industry Standards of the Red Book and Blue Book. Processes is ISRC usage, Gracenote Embedding, Metadata Tagging, Barcoding allow us to be on par with the best in the world.

-Innovative - With our team, we seek to enter the new channels of communication and consumption such as Social Media, Streaming music services, Mobile apps and IVR. We are constantly watching out for new channels and are eager to plug in to those to create revenue and value.

-Strategy - Our marketing and promotions team work in tandem with the clients to find a strategy to promote the music, so that it is unique and stands out in a market that is cluttered and confused.

5. Team/Our Code

Think Music's team is


-Customer oriented


Our vision and focus is to create all of our material keep the customer-centric understanding. Its not very hard for us, because we all consume music and we are customers already. Understand this behavior helps us to customize our business solutions for the client.

For any business queries related to distribution, retail, marketing and production please email us at info@thinkmusic.in

We offer our music for Radio jingles and Television Commercials either in part, whole or excerpts.

Please call us at +91 44 43920226 or email us at info@thinkmusic.in for more information.

We offer advertising options on our CDs and other media with our partner channels such as Sathyam Cinemas, Hungama etc. Please email us at info@thinkmusic.in for more information.

If you would like to publish our music on any format such as through Physical CDs, cassettes etc. and / or Digital formats such as on mobile applications, voice applications, internet applications etc. please read our Public Notice statement. You will need to procure a license from Mr. Swaroop Reddy, Director of Think Music.

We have not registered with any agency such as PPL. If you have registered with these agencies and use / publish content of Think Music without our permission/ license, you are liable for legal action. Please call us at +91 44 43920226 or email us at info@thinkmusic.in for more information on how to procure a license and costs.

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Youtube - http://youtube.com/thinkmusicindia